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Developing Business Software

Let your company grow with the right business software

It is our passion to help companies grow and enhance their full potencial with our software. We love to come through companies, reveal best possible solutions and lighten whole working proccess as much as possible.

We can step into any proccess in your company and help you to find real efficiency and competetive advantage with use of our software, whether you are textile maker, travel agency or a manufacturer.

We can create

  • E-Ticketing with QR codes

  • Stock control and automation

  • Demand forecast

  • Financial systems

  • Automated reporting

  • Client ordering system

  • And many more...

We will bring your software dreams alive

We love challenges and the greater your dreams are, the better for us. Every day We learn to be prepared for those wildest requirments, so you will not surprise us with any technological task.

We will cooperate with you, to understand your business processes and problems you are trying to solve. With this knowledge we will be able find the perfect solution for your business and create environment exactly tailored to your business targets and meanings.

Whom We helped with developing business software

Business software for Prague Travel

Route planing


Business software for Fresca Paleta

Production plan

Website Jupiii



Website Prim

Ordering system

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