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Creating Websites

Web presentation is the key

Present your company, product or service with beautiful design on fast and SEO ready website. Nowadays is more than anytime in history necesarry to put huge affort to make your website clean, responsive, fast and easily readable to search engine robots. World depends on internet and nothing is more important than great websites to be able to step up from your rivals.

We are developing website with use of our own web solution without using wordpress, prestashop or any other content management system. That helps us keep the code and whole website lightweight, which increasing speed, posibility to fulfill all your wishes and let creativity do its thing.

We can create

  • Modern and creative design

  • E-commerce

  • Reservation website

  • Connection to your EMR

  • SEO ready web

  • Chat with customers

  • And many more...

We will bring your website dreams alive

We love challenges and the greater your dreams are, the better for us. Every day We learn to be prepared for those wildest requirments, so you will not surprise us with any technological task. We keep contact with all new trends in webbuilding and we can ensure You that your website will be build with the latest technologies, so it will be ready for years ahead.

We will cooperate tightly with you, to ensure that your newly build website is going to fulfill all your requirements and attract new customers to buy your product, service or simply inform them.

Price of a website

Website is like a car, house or a vacation. They all have a wide range prices depending on the details, even though the main function is still the same. During the first meeting, We will ask You many questions to get the real image of Your desires and thanks to that We will provide You a rough price followed sooner than later with exact price.

But We understand that You love to read some numbers. Prices for dynamic company website or blog starts at 1500 GBP.

Websites We've Worked on

Website eetvmobilu.cz




Website frescapaleta.com



Website besthotelview.com



Website s-pujcka.cz




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